Jan 24th 2017

Now It's Time To Ask For A Raise

Every employee at some point thinks about asking the boss for a raise, but not everyone is actually courageous enough to follow through and take a real action. Are you currently experiencing the same situation? Of course, asking for a raise is an important deal for you, so you should think about the factors involved in making this decision. For example, if you have an outside job offer, that means that your performance in the current company is being watched by another one, which may be willing to give you a higher pay. This means one thing: your current company might underestimate you because there are people who agree to pay you more for your professional effort.

Another reason why now could be a great time to ask for a raise is your skillset. For example, if you have specialized, in-demand skills that your organization needs to develop itself, it could be a perfect time (assuming that you do your job well). It means that the organization will not progress further as it used to without you, so you are a key figure! Key figures need to be rewarded, otherwise, they leave for other companies that value their contribution. What is the point of busting yourself every day when your effort is not appreciated, agree?

Well, there are many other reasons and factors to consider before asking for a job. Remember that you need to realize your true worth and understand that this action should be taken only after asking yourself a few critical questions. Below, find an infographic that will walk you through this process by asking you a series of target questions and giving you a couple of possible answers. When you are finished, you will know whether it is the right time and decision to ask your boss for a raise!

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