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In our effort to prepare students for real world challenges and provide them with an opportunity to have a good career, creative and critical skills need to be in the focus. They are critical for developing problem-solving abilities that are highly valued by modern employers. Read more
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Every employee at some point thinks about asking the boss for a raise, but not everyone is actually courageous enough to follow through and take a real action. Are you currently experiencing the same situation? Of course, asking for a raise is an important deal for you, so you should think about the factors involved in making this decision. Read more
How to write an essay
There is a chance that you dread having to write an essay simply because you do not know how you are going to do it. Essays can be written for a variety of other things. You may want to write an essay for a project or you have to write an essay paper for a certain subject that you have in school. Read more
Famous Writers' Insults
All through history, many of the most famous writers were brutally knocked out - and often by their renowned collegues. Many of the best-known works of writing, from Conrad's novels to Whitman's poems, have been forced to bear some genuinely insulting characteristics. Read more
Tips For Writing Annotated Bibliographies
An annotated bibliography is a list of books or other works that includes descriptive comments, known as annotations, about the sources cited in your paper. The list is usually presented in alphabetical order, listed according to the authors' surnames. Read more
Student Writing Preferences
Not every student hates writing asignments. There are some preferences. The infographic "Student Writing Preferences" depicts students priorities in writing assignments. Read more
Ten Most Ridiculous University Courses
Times are constantly changing and so is education. College courses are definitely changing as fast as trends do. Don't you just miss the days of English Composition 101 or General Psychology? Read more
How To Cope With Exam Stress
It's getting close to that time of the year for college students. The dreaded midterm exam season is right around the corner. For many students, it is hard to cope with the stress of exams. Read more
Motivational Letter
Do you have a persuasive motivational letter to write? It could be for just about any reason whether if it's to a group of coworkers, family members, or landing a new job; some people need motivation. Read more
An Introduction to Essay: Its Parts and Types
Here you will find the most common elements of an essay, i.e. its parts, and then a short description of some of the most common essay types so you may pick one if your teacher or professor has given you a free choice. Read more