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Sep 15th 2014

If You Wanna Have Some Fun During The College Break

There are plenty of illegal and immoral things you can do during your college break, but assuming that you do not want to look back and be haunted by what you did, it is best to have some good clean fun. The list below is a list of good clean fun, although if you do want to get a little naughty with someone you love during your college break, then that is all good too, just so long as nobody gets hurt (you included).

Go on cheap vacations with your friends

Students have been doing this for generations and you can have fun with it too if you go with the right group of friends. You get to enjoy things such as reviews for your hotel room that call it sub-standard or sub-par, or even “unfinished.” You get to eat the same tinned or takeaway food for a full week until you want to barf because you do not want to waste time eating properly. It can be fun if you do it right.

Go to amusement parks

If you have the cash then you should go to amusement parks. You are going to discover, as you get older, that amusement parks are for the young. You need to enjoy the amusement parks right now whist you can because when you are older your angina, bad back and queasy stomach are going to stop you.

Do some volunteer work

Most students do it because they want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, but you can do it for your own reasons if you wish. You can do it so you do not feel as if you have wasted your time and life, plus some people do measure their lives with more than how many children they have had.

Go to the most haunted places in America

There are no such things as ghosts, but try convincing yourself of that when you are in a place that people claim to be haunted. The power of suggestion is massive, and you will be at its mercy when you visit a “haunted” place.

Make a YouTube movie

Everybody is doing it so you should too. Just do yourself a favor and do not have a scene where somebody cries in it or fights in it. YouTube is jam packed with terrible movies made by students, and it seems that every time they try to prove themselves with a crying and a fighting scene. Do not make the same mistakes.

Start a business

The bygone days of selling homemade preserves or muffins has gone when people can get one from the store for 99c, but there are other online businesses you can start. For example, you can buy junk from your friends at a cheap price and then sell them on eBay for a profit. Or, you can start a business where you sell for other people and take a 10% discount.

Go running with an audio book playing

Audio books on how to speak correctly, or a self help book, are ideal suggestions. They are great ways to learn as you run. You get to exercise and become healthy whilst learning.

Go skiing, water skiing, surfing, go-karting, gun shooting

There are lots of fun and safe things to do in North America, so take a few friends of yours and do some fun stuff. There are always attractions of note near you if you just check the Internet.

Buy great video games you can play with your friends

The next-gen consoles are out, but there are very few games out for them yet. Still, you can always stick with the previous generation of games consoles and buy some great games for them. You can play them with your friends, and that way you are not the only person that goes back to school or college as white as a sheet through having no sun.

Have movie marathons such as the Hellraiser nonuplet

You can have your friends or lover around and have a movie marathon. If you have a soft underbelly (or a life) you can try the Back To The Future trilogy. If you have a little more staying power then you can try the Lord Of The Rings trilogy or the Matrix Trilogy. But, for the ultimate in movie marathons, you can try the many Freddy horror movies, or the nine Hellraiser movies.

Watch the Marvel movies in cinemas

Marvel have these movies coming out all the time and it is a sign that nerd culture has finally taken over Hollywood and the silver screen. Still, this is not a bad thing because Marvel are pumping out some very good movies and they are doing it all the time, so get out there and see them on the big screen because it is not the same on a TV screen.

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