Jun 1st 2018

Best Part-Time Jobs for Students

Students who are looking for financial assistance while studying often look for student jobs. While it can be very difficult for the students to manage a job along with their studies, a lot of students actually balance both of these exceptionally well. The majority of the students who work part-time agree that selecting the right job makes all the difference.

Factors like location, pay, schedule, career-relevance, and related experience are some of the most important factors when choosing the right casual jobs for students. Fortunately, the advancement of the internet has opened several unique work opportunities for the students who want to work.

No matter if one is looking for online or offline part-time jobs for students, this list of some of the most popular options is sure to help one and all.

1. Photographer

Students who have a professional-grade camera or even a DSLR and have an eye to capture beautiful moments can reach out to local photo studios to see if they are looking for an assistant photographer. These types of student jobs are very popular as they often require working late in the night or weekends.

Another excellent option is to start a photography business of your own. You can start this by photographing your friends and others you know, take pictures at events, or even professional headshots. Especially, if you are learning to be a professional photographer this experience can definitely help.

2. Sales Associate at a Boutique

If you have a knack for fashion, being a sales associate at a boutique is one of the best jobs for uni students. While most of the boutiques generally require candidates to have some experience in the field, a lot of them don't mind hiring students if they have the personality. Outgoing, stylish and friendly are some traits that boutiques generally look out for in a sales associate.

This type of jobs for students is generally scheduled in the afternoons or weekends. This is also an excellent way to save some money on accessories and clothing as most boutiques offer discounts to the employees.

3. Server or Host at Restaurants

If you are looking for the best jobs for uni students that can help you earn some quick money and gain some very useful experience of the food industry, being a server or host at a restaurant can be a great option. No matter if you are aiming to be a chef, own your own restaurant in future, or just want to earn some money while studying, this job is definitely worth consideration.

While this job can be difficult and physically tiring, the extra income in the form of tips is sure to keep you excited.

4. Be a Part-Time Blogger

If we talk about online jobs, there is no shortage of some very amazing student jobs. One of the most popular is being a part-time blogger. Depending on your experience of a niche and the time you are ready to invest, there is no limit on what you can earn with blogging. Moreover, there are now websites which let you build your blog or website for free.

As a blogger, there are many different ways to earn money. You can promote products or services, earn through ads, sell products of your own, and do a lot more. There are tons of websites and videos on the internet that can help you be an excellent blogger.

5. Be an Online Tutor

Another very popular part-time jobs for students is that of being an online tutor. If you are an expert in any particular subject, you can teach it to others throughout the world with the help of video chatting or any other popular communication tool. Apart from tutoring, subject matter experts can also offer consultancy services to earn more.

There are now several online platforms where students can find online tutoring jobs. These websites also offer all the help and tools that one would need for tutoring.

6. Form Filling or Data Entry

Data entry jobs for uni students are also very popular for two reasons- first, they do not require a lot of skills and second, over time you can earn a good amount of money. Search on the internet and you can find hundreds of data entry jobs which can be done online.

But when searching for data entry or form filling jobs, ensure that you only use reputed websites. A lot of platforms offering data entry jobs are not really trustworthy and you'd only waste your time and efforts on such platforms.

7. Be an Online Seller

If you want to be in retail, one of the best student jobs is to be an online seller. There are innumerable websites where you can list your products and sell them to interested customers. Simply look for unique products that are only available locally where you live and you can sell it to people throughout the world and earn great profits in the process.

Just make sure that you pick a popular e-commerce website for your business and ensure that you can source the products on a regular basis.

8. YouTube Vlogger

Making YouTube videos is another great way to earn money while you are studying. Many of the top vloggers on YouTube earn thousands of dollars and you too can be one of them. But just like any other casual jobs for students, vlogging is hard and time-consuming.

Do not go with vlogging if you believe that you can earn easy bucks with it. Remember that it is a lot more than simply posting videos and earning money. However, there is no denying the fact that it is indeed a great option for students.

Most of the students often struggle between their studies, social life and sleep when they are at a university. Add part-time jobs for students in this triangle and things can get even more challenging. This makes it very important for every student to pick a part-time job very carefully. Be it online or offline jobs, these are some of the top options that students can consider.

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